"Gronau UDO Wunderwelt (Band 1)" Non-Fiction black by Lindenberg, Udo

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- By Hanspeter Dickel, silent accomplice for more than 70 years
- Gronau 2019
- 304 pages
- Format 21 x 25 cm
- Paperback
- 38 authors
- 792 illustrations, volume 1 (1946 โ€“ 2006)

The editor and main author has been friends with Udo Lindenberg since childhood and has witnessed his career first hand over the years. This began with natural exposure during their childhood and youth, but continued after Udoโ€™s โ€˜personal turnโ€™ in 1973.
Only apparent departure... devotion... affection... connectedness, yes love
of our common hometown of Gronau in Westphalia, where he has since performed numerous times and has honoured him many times.
The concrete reference to Gronau, but also the surrounding area, is at the forefront of this publication.
You can read Udoโ€™s spoken word and the most important people involved during his many exhibitions, honours, openings, concerts and press conferences here.
The content is structured chronologically and divided by decade.
It features a loose mixture of illustrations, documents, caricatures, photos and texts.
Much of the material is previously unpublished.
It is rounded off by a detailed list of sources.


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Band Lindenberg, Udo
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